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Bucky by lilbit075
The Winter Soldier by lilbit075
Just an in progress of a painterly Captain America in my new photoshop. I need a new tablet, that’s next on the list. But so far…just playing around. 

The Unknown Hope

by lilbit075

When eyes close,
Voice purged,
Breath stops and tears fall,
The world stops,
To a place beyond the clouds

What was once just an image,
A word or memory is given up
To step into a new world without burden.

We watch you go with tears
With regret, with guilt.
No more suffering,
No more clinging to lost dreams.
If you can go with hope,
Then I can stay with hope.

Love is there even in the silence.

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Chris Evans by lilbit075
Just a little mixed media doodle
The Ship Builder by ~lilbit075
Envy progress of my Seven Deadly Sins series.
Wrath progress of my Seven Deadly Sins series.